Many sports occur in the Olympic Games.
The new sports are added to the 2020 Summer Olympics.
The major sports are well-known by many people, whereas there are also some minor sports, even the rules of which are unfamiliar with some people.
However, don't warry.
Japanese staffs are preparing the guidance movies for all sports.
The blow movie is a teaser trailer.

These movies will explain each of 55 sports for a minute.
The narrators are Sasaki Ayaka and Satoshi Iizuka, who are popular celebrities in Japan.
Sasaki Ayaka is a Japanese idol.
She belongs to the female idol group, Momoiro Clover Z, who sing the "warm-up songs" of Masahiro Tanaka, a baseball starting pitcher for the New York Yankees.
Satoshi Iizuka is a Japanes comedian.
He belongs to a group of comic actors, Tokyo 03.
Tokyo 03 won the Japanese contest of a group of sketch comedy, "King of Conte" in 2009.
The animator is Nielsen, a Japanese illustrator.
The script writer is Ohkura, who is a writing staff of Japanese TV shows.
They have already made very funny short animations.
Please wait until "One minute, one sport" are released in 2020.

Examples of their short animations. (Japanese only)

Interviews (Japanese only)